I called this meeting because, simply put, enough is enough. There has been no other conference like this on earth. We have invited people from all different parts of the world with different backgrounds so that we could once and for all help to sort out the problems we collectively face.

Our spirituality conference is about the physical state of the earth and how we can collectively grow to overcome the huge problems we face. It is also about finally connecting the spiritual reality to the material reality, and hopefully, educating the mainstream public. All outer change begins with inner change, and this is the goal of this spirituality event. To explain it in simple terms: get the information out to change it all.

J.K. Granlund


Oneness and respect for Mother Nature has always been the way for indigenous people. The main problem in the world is that we, the Western society, see ourselves as apart from the planet. We see it only as resources. We are not close to our inner essence, which is being a part of the biosphere and indeed, the whole of creation. We should treat all life with care and respect.

We have fallen because of desires, and unfortunately, this suits those of us who exploit others well. If we were on the path, we would not be tempted by a superficial, ignorant, and destructive way of life.

This has to change; it is a matter of survival. I ask you, with conscience and intelligence, to take on this problem now. The scientists say that we are facing the sixth great extinction and it could wipe out humanity. This is the state of the planet. There is also the esoteric side, which is far more challenging. Life is precious and fragile, but as long as we have our trust and confidence in each other, all things can be solved.

Wash your eyes. Look at the beauty of everything and heal yourself.



We live in a temporary realm. Everything changes; it grows in age, but also in wisdom. The physical body grows old and dies, but the truth about us will never die. Existence is eternal one way or another.

Edgar Cayce said, “Life and death is one.” So it is. Ascension is touching the heavens with your soul. It happens in a moment, and then nothing is ever the same again. You have found the treasure, the well of eternal youth and life. It can be a rough awakening. Spiritual death is the opposite. It is the true death and the end of a sinner’s path. Again, look for truth, listen to your conscience, and keep your heart warm. We all have our path to walk. But from misery arises wisdom like the Phoenix from its ashes.

When the spirit of truth reaches us, we have to face the question of what is real. We have to embrace eternity and the mighty beings who dwell in Heaven. All you have then is your reasoning, your experience, and the knowledge of your true home, which is Heaven. “Where two are summoned in my name, there I am,” as Jesus said.

The scientist may say all laws of nature are like this now; they have always been like this and will always be like this and this world is all there is. I ask them, “How do you know that? What if this is a hologram?” Scientism is dangerous. Scientific approach is advisable. Keep an open mind. Of the priest I ask, “Why is it so important to have a religion? Why not simply follow conscience, the gift of the living God? What does it matter what the truth is called? It is what it is, anyway. When truth and belief collide, which one do you choose?”

I am alive. Me. The Almighty, what it then is, has the power to create a unique living being. If I didn’t exist, the existence would be without my input and therefore, incomplete. Well, what then is my wise advice? It is that we should stop being this or that. Just be humans who have to survive this challenge. Thank you. That’s all, and fly light, little dove!