Hello everybody!

After the conference I have been thinking about what the next move should be. We formed a good community and will surely keep in touch with eachother. But how to make a difference? What should we really do? Educate, me thinks.

First step is really to acknowledge the true nature of reality. The power of spirit. Emotos water experiments concluded that loving vibes slow decay and anger and hate accelerate it. This happened to fruites and it surely affects us too in same way. The fountain of youth found perhaps? At dreamers conference..? How funny is this. Sin causes aging. Could it be so? Time. Part of us is aging in time and part of us is eternal love and life.

Anyway, water responds and has memory. And it can send information from one glass of water to an other glasss of water. Strange. Communication. I came to think that water is three. Two oxygen and one hydrogen. Three is the magic number of cooperation. Water is humble, cooperative. Consciousness do not have size. Consciousness works easy it would seem on microlevel of things. Like braincells. And bacteria perhaps..Atoms and molecules.

Bacteria evolves rapidly and if we kill them they respond by changing. I would really suggest to just remove them with soap and really, try to be nice even to the bacteria. Send good vibes! Remember, even the earth scientists have concluded that consciousness is not limited to the physical body. All consciousnesses probably feel pain even on microbial level. And even if consciousness is in a ugly or primitive form it should be treated with love and respect. And, some illnesses like headache are in fact in some cases other spirits that contact you for reasons..I know this by experience. Think! What is your response to them?

There was a scifi TV series Babylon 5 where they fought a enemy from an other dimension. It was thought as antilife itself. No respect to any other life except themselves..

Is an animal soul , consciousness less worth than a human soul? Why do we see it that way? My friend Scott would say ”Reptilian programming” All the bad vibes of mistreatment of them animals, consciousnesses just like us, return to us. Makes us even more dumbed down. This is so important to understand. And by the way. It might very well be that we are the ones we treat so bad.

All karmic debt has to be solved in one way or another. To learn how it feels for the poor labrat for example. I would assume that there is a strong possibility that the guy in the laboratorio has to feel the pain he causes one day. Then again, the labrat could be a highly evolved soul that understands grace for those who do not understand what they are doing. And maybe this is why it is here. To teach us. We dont know.

In the conference summary I told you about this german fellow who wrote a bestseller book about trees, how they interact with eachother. Now, just recently I read about this australian..Olivier van Aken who proved that plants too are aware of what happens around them. So. Do not hate anything in creation. Not mosquitos not bacterias. Mosquitos are not evil. They come openly and are easy to kill if we would like to.

Corrupt consciousnesses do exist. I know this because I had a touch of it myself. We should be a healer not a judge. All will face the consequenses of their deeds eventually. A sinner who returns to the path of life should be celebrated!

The fall begins from one original thought. Experiencing fall is educating and made me the living soul I am today. My lesson was simple but difficult. Just to learn to love by all my heart and so were the doors to eternity opened for me. I now know that there is ultimately only me, you and the dreaming. I am not afraid.

Consciousness is everywhere. Consciousness and some degree of intelligens is even in viruses and bacteria. I suppose there will be a spiritual cleansing one day and this is why I work together with others to easen the coming ”question time” when everybody has to define their foundation that their soul stands on. All that we naively believe to happen in our mind only..is really a tumbling place for other telepathic beings. Dreamers, creator beings..of our collective dream. We have our soul truth only.

To define our truth.. I want to build a bridge between the world of old beliefs and the new world that all we living souls will create..dreamers of the new dawn. A good dream where there is no suffering but instead joy of living and awesome experiences. The transition to this dream dream will be a test of courage and creativity. A hastened growth in wisdom. There is no death just change..so take it easy!

Since the creator decided in our favour I would believe that we all can put our sins on the scale and counter it just as a mistake that we made of saddness, curiosity, temptation and a young age that lacks proper understanding.

So, I am supporting Scott Lemriels quest for removing implants, and really. They do exsist! After the conference we were sitting in Orions room and someone mentioned implants and so it happened that Scotts ET friends removed three implants from me. I could clearly feel it! Now I have to believe it is true. So, what is the next move?

Educate people about consciousness and vibration. Help to remove implants affecting the subconscious mind put in the auric field. To offer free energy and organic food as option. All this to bring the people to the zero level, to a consciousness where they are conscious enought to make a sane decision about their future. Anything you want your father in the heaves will give you. Chose wisely.

We will serve the table and for them who make the honest decision to change their perhaps little corrupt ideology that has really no future anywhere, the gate to heaven will be opened and well deserved too.

Thank you all. I will now start working to make my bold promise a reality! Videos and updates coming soon. Cheers!