Hello dear readers, it has been awhile again. The summer of 2017 has passed by and we are now in the beautiful autumn time. The nature is once again preparing for winter and as the springtime has special birth and joy energies the autumn, to me, has a sense of peace and mature happiness.

The dreamers project has been resting and gathering strength for a while now but there are events being prepared. I am at the moment looking for investors for a tv-documentary about consciousness and multidimensionality, and a presentation will soon be available on this website

I am also thinking about arranging a conference again, an opportunity for experts of different fields to gather and compare their discoveries. Much is being discovered all the time and as the ”winds blow” the knowledge will be presented to all people.

I will tell you a little about consciousness. Much makes sense if we assume that it really is in the spacetime, all around us. Think about this: An italian professor Stefano Mancuso has discovered that plants have memory! How could they have memory when they don’t have a brain! No, they are consciousness. They sense our vibes, our feelings. Did you know that according to a lady, Tigrilla Gardenia from Italy whose presentation I attended, tests have been made that for example show that if plants are connected to a electrical door opening mechanism, they open the door for people they know, but not to others!!

Plants react to how we treat them, and this is one major issue to be considered. If we farm and spray pesticides, you can imagine the response. Both by consciousness and biological diversity. Bees disappear and the soil gets empty of nutrition.

I see the mood and energy level of plants and food. When I started paying attention to what I see, I changed my diet and indeed, am much healthier and 6 kilos lighter..

There is a good site out there, Adamu speaks through Zingdad. Check it out! The Pleyadian Monad Adamu describes the path of a Starseed, how they are incarnated on earth and descend to ”shattering” and through hardship ascend back to previous or higher level of consciousness.

I came to think about Stalin. He killed about 30 million russians. There are a few quotes that I remember. Like ”Everyone has done something bad in their life, and if they haven’t, they will do in the future” and another ”Total paranoia is total awareness”

To me these lines tell about a soul that has descended for a long time. Still I have compassion with him. Why? Because, we are all from Source, all exactly similar and if it can happen to one of us it can happen to anyone. And without forgiving, there is no future. Quote Nelson Mandela who spent most of his life in prison during apartheid in South Africa.

Well, that about it. Another thing, a couple days ago I read in a magazine about rays. Radiowaves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gammarays. Think about this! The visible light is one tiny part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. We see five..is it, colours? Think about everything we don’t see!! Million, perhaps billions colors!!! This is how I understand it, correct me if I am wrong. But, we can sense them. And plants can too.

What is my main message today? Consciousness. Consciousness. When I take a shower I feel like a new man. Why, because there is consciousness in water. When I walk in the forest I feel in harmony. Why, because there is consciousness in trees..

When we cut trees we destroy consciousnesses. In reality, we really can not own other consciousnesses like trees or animals. There is a exchange of consciousness between us and someone dies or changes for another to live. Death is change and change is life. What we eat is provided to us. What we eat becomes part of us.

If our comfort is based on suffering of others, animals, or if we take more than fair share..of Gaia..the life is not sustainable. We should think about these things and not only ”do as we always do” or ”be educated how we should live” Try to plant good seeds. Stay on the move. High soul standards!

All the best, as always.