Hi all,

It has been a long time since my last update. Situation in our realm has changed much and it seems to me that we are now witnessing, or not witnessing but rather experiencing the beginning of the true apocalypse. I have told you before and I keep telling you. It is of utmost importance that you stand with your truth. There are many truths and there are many “so called truths” that those who want to control and enslave you trick your minds with. I leave it for you to find out which is which and when but the fallen ones are clever when they work to get what they desire. All for nothing. They too are slaves. I tell you an example of a false truth. Truth of the mind. It tells you that “wealth is good and makes life comfortable. And it is perfectly rational and the planet is all ours to take.”

What is the truth? First of all we cannot own anything. Especially not other consciousnesses like animals and even trees. Then second. Tricking to achieve money by “gambling in one way or another” does not create anything it just moves money from your fellow human pocket to yours.. Little bit like stealing.

Last, stealing resources from the planet is like killing yourself. All life here is dependable of the biosphere in physical, and guess what! All life is also dependable in the spiritual. And this is not a joke. All can change, quickly! All is spirit and taking – well, taking and holding is impossible. When you give you create. In the long run all wrongly taken must be given back. And what is given will grow a lot. That what sustains life is other life. The mother. But some part of humanity has lost the way and then become spiritually hollow and then trying to get material to compensate the emptiness. I know, because I too have been there. But all is spirit, even material I think based upon experiences. And what is not ours we cannot hold. The dark side is ultimately an illusion but it is quick and tempting. And dangerous to the umpteenth level.

For me the basis of all truths is love. I am not of a fluffy world of only love and light but rather someone who has been deep down the path of sin and death. This is why I want to reach out to all of you and especially those of the dark. Dark = sinners who go against what they know is wrong. Everybody here has done it some more some less, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Its not that I’m telling you your free will is wrong. No. But there are consequences. It’s just how it is. Sin against me, sin against the son and against the Creator Almighty whose throne is heaven is forgiven. This is the law of truth and love. But sin against the holy spirit is not forgiven anywhere, you see this means sin against “the holy and true path” and walking it will lead to hell.

I will now try to explain my take on this matter. I am not sure but this is how it seems to be. From my point of view there is both linear time and timeless time. I cannot go back to yesterday, well ok, by remembering I can but it seems to me that those moving in thoughtland can. Perhaps. Sometimes people incarnate or matters happen instantly. I don’t really know how it works and frankly I do not care that much. Eventually this timejumping is an illusion too. Only the soul is real.

Of course I try to create a benevolent future to materialize. Physically I sit here writing this. I am very aware that there are many spirits in me. I feel when the personalities change. It also seems that my spirits might be located elsewhere in time and space. I also notice when situations or perhaps moments are jumped over and perhaps my memory is erased or something. It seems that I am unstable in time. I try to get something important done every day because when I go to sleep I will be as dead. Darkness. Then I begin dreaming and then..I hopefully wake up to yet another day. I have tried to support the younger ones but it seems to me that it is so much easier to believe in indoctrination and big illusion than in solid soul truth. What can I say. Vaya con Dios then and may Fortuna guide your way.

Some practical advise for you. The scientists say that consciousness makes changes in the DNA. They also say that consciousness is outside the body and that information can be transferred and DNA grown from one water bottle of sterilized water to another simply by vibes. So, this means that your consciousness changes your fellow beings DNA. Think about this

Then there is this resonance in the vibrational consciousness field. Makes people think alike. TV, again. Then there is this belief in authority, repeating repeating and becoming a firm belief. And naivety. Hearsaying. Check out for your self, don’t just believe all them false rumours.

Most of all, there are the conflicts and anger in the heart and stomach. We have to grow past this. We do not know where it began but we can end it. Because if not..well, taking a look in the mirror and there was fault in me too. Obey to truth and negotiate peace. The chance is deserved. Be a co-creator and partner of the planet earth not a..well, something else. Destroying biosphere also destroys the consciousness of us. One good thought and you can fly said Peter Pan. This good thought affects the whole and is like Quantum effect creating good things to come your way. And vice versa. Sun does not charge for its services neither do the bees pollinating all flowers. The creation stands on the heart not the mind. With this I leave you now. Good night.