What is real? This is the question everyone will face eventually. This world stands on very shaky ground in my opinion. Those who believe in Darwin’s theories, that the world is what, 5 billion years old and that this is proved by archaeology et cetera. Someone else might believe that this world is a 6000 thousand years old hologram. It is impossible to know. So, this is a first brick of truth, but all mainstream science stands on the shaky truth of one assumption.

I have thought a lot about the Creator. Since I am a living entity, an all powerful Source must exist. If not, then I am the only thing that exists. The I am it. The Atheist believes not in a living source. Everything has according to them just happened. By chance. Evolution happens by chance. Well, my opinion is that consciousness has had, and still has, a great deal to do with how evolution and our lives manifest. To be honest. If you throw bolts in a bucket and shake it for million years I doubt there will be a cell phone manifesting..What do you think? No, I think consciousness is everywhere. We are multidimensional beings too, for that matter. I have been contacted by inter-dimensional entities many times. This is so. Maybe they come from realities that one thought has layed the ground for..who knows.

We come to this world with our eyes open but grow in believing in the same old memes. Memes that we inherit from our parents and ancestors. That this is how it is has always been and nothing can change. This is reality. Or reality limits. The Churches of this belief are the schools. To be thought. How to make it in this physical world. Wealth.  And the mind agrees that acquiring wealth is good. To strip the planet of its resources is good. Because we die anyway, right? Nope. Think outside of the box. They have it all wrong. We are a part of the biosphere. This is one simple realization, right? If we learn such a ideology to plunder and destroy we do not just kill the physical manifest we also kill the spiritual in us. There is no place for such destructive beings anywhere.

I have been told that I am everywhere. That we all are everywhere. Think about this. Our pleasant physical life is built on the suffering of others. Animals. What if your next life is as an animal in a cage or worse. A world, a reality cannot be built on such ground.

The limitation, the cage of our mind. As long as we accept this limitation in thinking..or maybe this is poorly expressed…as long as we do not get input to our mind from an outside source we will stay as we are forever. This is where duality comes in. Duality is a requirement for ascension. But then, when we realize we are not alone doubt comes in. And fear, if we get entangled in a karmic situation. All this must be grown through. And! Nothing here is really what you think it is..Imagine! One thought and you can fly said Peter Pan.

The belief bubble. As I have become more sensitive I somehow sense the bubble, the ideology that persons have. If I let them affect me too long I start thinking like them with their limitations. My strength now is I know this.

Many ET channelings talk about wishful thinking. I agree. If the dark ones could think objectively they would not be dark ones..LOL! Yes, I am astonished how many people stick their heads in the sand if I try to enlighten them to the fact that all reality could, and for me indeed has, changed in the twinkle of an eye. If you don’t believe me, believe Elon Musk. He said that it is a billion to one that this is a virtual reality already!

I know from experience that anything can happen. We can not and absolutely should not build our house on beliefs. Beliefs are strong. They rule your destiny. But life is not your master it is your child.

There are the psychological knots in our minds that we should try to solve. There are also implants. Scott knows more about them but I can witness that they exist! I felt some be removed from me at Dreamers conference in May..They..are ”the children of the sky” I guess planting subliminal thoughts. Your thoughts, they echo back to you from the spiritual world. So many things affect us on the subliminal level. My advise is to try to solve them because otherwise the future could be difficult. Pay attention how your food affects you et cetera. For example, meat makes me angry. Energy conflicts makes me tired. You have to act on this because it is your life.

The second serious matter is that many people have a hidden agenda. I had one too, before the SHTF. This is a very serious matter. By them fruites you know the good prophet..Yes should be Yes and No should be No. When you stray away in the darkness of the mind..that’s where you live in reality! The Creator understands and forgives. You have been strengthened in the fire of heaven..

All souls are good because source is good. Ego makes them stray away. Step out of the wheel of karma. It will never end otherwise. Never never never..Forgive and understand that all beginners make mistakes. Earth is a rough learning ground but the experiences are invaluable. Knowledge protects and ignorance gives an opportunity for the Ego to rule. For me unconditional love was the ticket out from this mess. As far as I can understand, from my personal experience spiritual death is indeed a possibility. As Gnarls Barkley sings “Think twice that’s my only advise”

Duality is the challenge. All who are trapped in the battle between the good and the bad are trapped in duality. Even ET’s and such. When you start listening to the voice of the Creator AKA conscience then you understand that every living being is important, none should perish. There are reasons for the fall and who of us is without sin? Think about the butterfly effect..how one casual thought or act could have affected the whole. Lenin became an atheist because he was too harshly raised to be a christian. For this millions died. But the original intent was not negative. Results. How would one know. We all try to do our best, I am sure.

I dont know. The possibility of spiritual death is always there and since change isn’t mandatory survival isn’t mandatory either. But everyone who takes the steering wheel of their destiny is going to survive I think. If someone messes with you..just let it pass. Just let it pass. He has some things to deal with, it’s not your problem. You just be constructive and happy!

The nuts and bolts. We are being messed with in so many ways. Distracted by too much meaningless information and microwaves and such. Other peoples beliefs and energies affect us. Your thoughts affect your vibes and your vibes affect the physical reality. The food we eat is often bad for us. What is the solution?

We have to take back what is ours. The control of our life, our everlasting existence. I strongly suggest that you follow your intuition. Listen carefully to the signals of your body. Intuition works on a subliminal level. Govern yourself wisely. Do not look for the leader outside of yourself. Escape the “Babylon” Move to a silent place for a while where the thoughts are your own. Stay on the move. Both in your mind and in real life. Do not get involved in a tit for tat fight with someone on telepathical level. Just try to solve it rationally.

One thing about my personal life..I have recently felt like little fever when using my laptop. Be advised on this too. All is evolving fast and we should stay vigilant. Be not dumbed down. News really happen too. In the world.

When you become a player in this game it is possible that someone might start messing with you. I myself have been bothered by some kind of depressed consciousness..or maybe it is some weapons? I don’t know but I have to do as my senses tell me to. If I feel bad in some place I must leave. Simple. But it is so tricky! If you do not know what is really you, You might believe that the bad feelings are YOU when they in fact are the energies of the place you stay in.

The collective belief is so strong. In each country there is a different collective mind. I would say, do not go into any belief systems. Any! Not religions, not political parties. Always live in the now. Determine truth with your own senses and own heart. A crime in the past is a crime in the past. If someone has grown to be a better person that’s it then. If not..well..His soul will be judged on judgement day, which by the way is approaching.

I have trouble with meat eating. Killing a sentient being just to steal its flesh feels wrong. That’s how we always have done..yeah, but..can’t we change? Plants are manifestations of consciousness I would say. However, when we all help each other, we as parts of the plant as we are parts of the whole..give. The Creator knows that we need this. Food, I mean. At least a little..as little as possible.

The Hathors that Tom Kenyon channel talk about quantum effects. That positive thinking make positive events happen. Hathors are very good, check them out. And Zingdad too. He channels Adamu.

We see beautiful people walking the streets. Maybe we would like to be like them. Rich, famous and good-looking..Sic transit gloria mundo. Bodies are just vehicles more or less..earthly wealth is just a moment blowing in the wind. Be a soul the Creator can be proud of.

What is important? Happy life is important. We don’t have any enemies really. Joy to be alive. Joy to be immortal. Joy to explore the worlds of the Creator. We have to cooperate. Next spring I will build a Dreamers hide out in Lapland, far away from everything. Stay tuned on this!


All the best,