Over the next few blogs on our spiritual conference website, we will be exploring what it means to be human. In this blog, we will dive into what honesty is, and why it is an important value for all of humanity to share.

Love. We all seek it from birth. As much as we as humans wish to control our destinies, love grabs ahold of us and dictates where you go and who you become. We cannot control love any more than we can control the ocean, or the sun, or the moon, or the stars. Love is everywhere, yet we cannot see it. So what is love? And what does it mean to our humanity?

What is love?

It’s hard to define love because you don’t truly know what it is without experiencing it. It falls flat on the page because love is so much more than a word. Love is a verb. You can see love through action. When you put others before yourself, when their happiness and well-being is as important to you as your own is, it is love. Love is nurturing care, an attachment, and a desire to simply be near a person. It is a genuine, vested interest in who they are and what matters to them. Love is the intimacy we share with our friends and family. Love is the passionate desire we feel for a lover. Love is the empathy we feel towards the man begging for change. Love is the fiercely protective care we give our children. All of these scenarios are completely different, yet they represent one force: love. The most powerful force in the universe.

Why do we love when it causes pain?

With love comes pain. When you love, you set yourself up for potential loss. You cannot keep your heart in a protective covering and still reap the benefits of loving with your whole heart. So why do we do this painful thing? You might say that it is simply in our nature. Our biology programs us to love one another as a means of survival. If your mother felt no love for you and abandoned you in the street, you wouldn’t live. So love is a base necessity. Another argument for the fact that love is simply a biological requirement would be that we don’t control love. It comes to us without our consent. Yet there is something grander than mere biology happening when we love another person. It awakens us spiritually. It transforms us. We love not just from our bodies, but with our souls. It comes so naturally, yet everyone wants to experience it. Because love is painful, but it’s also invigorating, uplifting, and it is what makes us all human.

What does love do for humankind?

As living beings, we are interconnected. The more powerful our connection is, the more vibrant, positive, radiant the universe becomes.The more we reach out and love other human beings, the more intertwined we as a whole become. When you love someone actively and deeply, you are bringing together the world as a whole. You are strengthening the power of all of us. Despite the pain you may feel from loving and losing, every loving act you commit comes back and benefits you and humanity as a whole. You may risk temporary, personal hurt, but you gain so much more than you know.

We will continue to explore the human experience and what makes us human in future blogs through our series, “What Makes Us Human.” Explore our site to see videos from our spirituality conference, and keep a lot out for more information about next year’s conference.