During this blog series on our spirituality conference website, we have been exploring what it means to be human. In this blog, we will dive into what community is, and why it is an important value for all of humanity to share.

Have you ever felt lonely, even when you were not alone? Have you ever felt like no one else in the world could possibly understand you? In these times, did you turn towards your friends and family, or did you turn away, hiding yourself from the world? We have all felt isolated before. We walk our own paths in life, and at times, we walk alone. How do we respond to this in a way that brings more positive, glowing energy into the world? How do we take the darkness we feel in our hearts and create connection when all we want to do is get away from the world? This is when we lean on our communities to keep yourself connected.

What is community?

Some people are a part of many different communities. You may belong to a church or other spiritual community, or a sports team, or a school. Your work is a community. Your family is a community, as well as your neighborhood, town, and country. A community is essentially a group of people brought together by a commonality, and they are integral to the human experience. This commonality is often a shared goal or value. Good communities help us become the best version of ourselves. They enrich the good qualities we have, and help us work to improve ourselves. They provide the right environment for connection and growth.

At our spirituality conference, there was a sense of community because we all came together as one to discuss the state of the earth and the possibilities of the unknown. We were united as we shared our thoughts and ideas without judgment. This type of environment aids our humanity because it connects us together.

What is it about community that makes us human?

Alone, we are human. Together, we are humanity. The collective nature of communities allows us to bring together the positive energy we all have to create something larger than ourselves. Depending on the goal and values of your community, you can have a huge impact on the state of the earth with your community. With others, you can channel everything good inside of yourself and magnify it with the goodness of the people with whom you surround yourself. Together, we become a force behind our values. Not only can you discuss and share your values with the members of your community, you can take meaningful action.

How to Create Community

Oftentimes, we are not integrated into a community that naturally aligns with our values and goals, and therefore, you must find one or create one. When you seek out a community, you want one that will encompass everything you’re looking for from a community. Whether you are looking for an already existing community, ask yourself these questions:

  • What values must align in your community?
  • What is the purpose of your community?
  • How often will your community come together?
  • What goals do you share with your community?

Once you have these questions answered, you will have a better idea of what and who you need to find. When you find your community, you can come together and carry each other’s burdens. You can bring love and light into your life. You can trust others with your truest self. You can unite behind a common cause. Within our communities, we foster a sense of belonging, and this belonging is what makes us human.