1. The Dreamers Conference 2016 Speakers

    Our spirituality conference begins today, as we delve into the meaning of our existence, deepen our understanding of physical reality, and explore important prophecies about our time. To peak your interest in this fascinating spiritual event, here is an overview of our speakers.

    Scott Lemriel

    Scott is a published author of two books, “The Seres Agenda” and “The Emerald Doorway.” He has been in contact with the highest levels of extraterrestrial intelligence since childhood.

    Website: www.paralleltime.com

    Ted Mahr

    Ted is a psychic, and the host of “Out of This World Radio” and “Out of This World Television.” He has been in contact with the other side for more than 22 years.

    Website: www.outofthisworld1150.com

    Michiko Hayashi

    Michiko is the Global Director of the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, Japan. The Emoto Peace Project is to educate children worldwide about the truth of water. She will be presenting on improving the state of earth with love and gratitude.

    Website: www.emotopeaceproject.net

    Emmanuel Itier

    Emmanuel is a French spiritual film director who lives in California. He is the producer/director of two award-winning films, “Femme” and “The Invocation.”

    Vernon Masayezva

    Vernon is a Hopi Indian tribal chairman and elder. His friend, Jerry Honowa, is a Hopi Indian elder. Both live in Arizona, USA, and will inform conference participants of Hopi Indian prophecies for humanity’s future.

    Gerald Pollack

    Gerald is a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. His book, “The Fourth Phase of Water”, provides groundbreaking information about a fourth phase of water and how water actually has a memory.

    Ervin Laszlo

    Ervin is the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, making him one of the most well-known scientists in the world. He has written more than 70 books, including his new book, “A New Map of Reality: The Worldview of Twenty-First Century Science”, which will be out soon.

    Website: www.ervinlaszlo.com

    Emma Louise Hansen

    Emma has been in contact with the Andromedan galaxy since child, and has experienced face-to-face contact with the Andromedans. She is a writer and philosophy, and is currently writing a book of wisdom. She lives in Trondheim, Norway.

    Website: www.goldenfairytale.com

    Tetsu Shiratori

    Tetsu is a famous Japanese actor and director. His latest films are “Sosei (Revival)” and “INORI (Prayer) – Conversation with Something Great,” to be screened during the conference. In 2007, Tetsu was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. He treated himself holistic medicine and prayer, and was cancer-free within a year.

    Nikolay Oorzhak

    Nikolay is a shaman from Siberia who will speak about traditional shamanism.

    Michelle Walling

    Michelle is an expert on starseeds, vibrational resonance, the ascension of human consciousness, and DNA activation and healing. She is a holistic life coach, webmaster, contributing writer, and administrator of in5d.com. She is also the hostess of in5d’s cosmic awakening show.

    Websites: www.in5d.com, www.howtoexitthematrix.com, www.starseeds.com, www.michellewalling.com

    Heikki Kulju

    Heikki is a Finnish UFO researcher who will speak about the Roswell case and an recent interesting case in Finland.

    Our spirituality conferences promises to be an uplifting and productive event. Check back for future blogs that go more in-depth on each participant.