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I called this meeting because, put simply, enough is enough. This meeting is unlike any other held on earth.

We have invited people of different backgrounds from all over the world to our spirituality conference so that we could once and for all sort out the problems we collectively face.

This spiritual event is about the physical state of the earth and how we can collectively grow to overcome the huge problems we all face.

Dreamers Conference Finland 2016

We And Earth Are One!

Additionally, our spiritual retreat is about connecting the spiritual reality to the material reality, and hopefully taking this information into the mainstream. All outer change begins with inner change, and this is the goal of this event. Simply put, we want to get the information out there for everyone’s benefit.

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to Dreamers of the New Dawn

This conference provides a very rare opportunity to hear reports from the Hopi Indians. Many experts from different fields will discuss and give lectures on the nature of reality. Our spiritual conference brings scientists and indigenous people around the same table.

Scott Lemriel, Ted Mahr, Michelle Walling, Michiko Hayashi, Vernon Masayesva, Jerry Honowa, Nikolay Oorzhak, Ervin Laszlo, Gerald Pollack, Tetsu Shiratori, Emmanuel Itier, Emma Louise Hansen, Heikki Kulju

Topics and Conclusions of the Private Discussions